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newman is back with us as we wait for the president of the united states. the f.b.i. quickly tried to say no terrorism connection here. at the same time, they're looking at all ends, but not entirely ruling it out. what do you make of that? >> that is standard f.b.i. procedure. i learned that from my mother, who god rest her soul, worked directly for j. edgar hoover and she would bring the files home when we were kids and we learned it back then. this is a professional organization, the f.b.i., and you don't want to rule everything out and don't want to rule everything in. remain calm. assume absolutely nothing and get to the bottom of it while maintaining your -- if you want to go to somewhere else, go ahead. neil: that's fine. i'm not even aware of the time. i'm going to shepard smith as we wait for the president of the united states. >> glenn beck is off today. this is fox news continuing coverage of the tragedy at fort hood. fox news confirms through the military as you just heard 12 people murdered and 31 injured in that shooting rampage at fort hood next to killeen, texas. we can te
to the supreme united statee court in 2005. the state used the public use argument under the fifth amendment. you may think how like people forced to sell their homes to a private drug company in any way public use? well, it's a good question. here is their explanation. if an economic project creates new jobs, creating tax revenues an revitalizes depressed tax urban areas, then that project qualifies as public use. that didn't make sense to me. then and it doesn't make sense now. the court went along, 5-4 count. how is the economic growth in new london. you want to see the new plan? this is a progressive idea in action. this is it, baby. well, that is where it like have been, but they mowed suzette's house down and now it is just an empty parking lot, because, yeah, pfizer decided not to build the building, so all those people in new london forced to sell their homes for the greater good got this. not a revitalization, you know, project, and i'm not a revitalization expert, but that doesn't look like an upgrade from suzette's home. maybe it's just me. this court decision basically rendered the te
of a treaty is something that the united states enters into voluntarily, presumably because we think it's in our best interests are. the constitution provides a lot of protection against the abuse of executive power since the it's the executive that negotiates requiring 2/3's of the senate to approve of a treaty. that's a constitutional provision. it's very, very important, and it's one reason why any president's ambitions, including president's obama's, run up against a wall if they try to go too far. that's one reason why the original kyoto protocol never made it to a vote on the senate floor. glenn: under clinton, right? >> exactly. glenn: which everybody seemed to leave out here. in reading this, do you think there is a chance of this going through the senate? >> well, let's be clear, what we have now, what you can see on websites is a negotiating draft, and one of the reasons it is confusing is that in negotiation terms, it is filled with brackets, meaning it is filled with provisions that are in disagreement. there is an incredible amount of nonsense in this treaty. some of it is
think we're actually fighting with a full force and might of our united states of america? really? are we fighting to win in irak and afghanistan anymore? do you think we're going to win in afghanistan at this point? the president says he needs a new plan now, he is going to start all over again now. yeah. don't pass the judgment on fort hood. i can't make a decision on afghanistan, and by the way, russia, syria and iran are our new friends and by the way, poland and england, you're kind of on your own. look at this board, america. look. i'm an alcoholic. i have bottomed out before. i have thought my life, my career, my family was over. i thought it was over. i didn't know i had a second chance. we always got a second chance, but you got to decide. i got a problem and i want to live. when you approach that bottom, you have two choices. you just let it go, and if you don't stop pretty soon, you will die. you will destroy yourself, or you say, wait, wait. put the brakes on here, i got a problem, but admitting that we have a problem is the first step, america. we got a problem. it's
already have more than 3,000 public housing agencies in the united states. andrew: 30,000? >> 3,000, and now we have two giant new ones and the track record of government. think of fema and the trailers after the hurricane. they put people in trailers. you could buy a trail fore$30,000. andrew: fema trailers are gone. >> no, people are still live in the trailers. under this new deal on renting the housing, they say it will be months -- up to a year but there will be month to month extensions, so when will they ever get these people out? the point about the trailers, $30,000. >> $70,000 fema spent and in one case, more than $200,000. andrew: so the government spends twice what they are worth and promises they will be there for a few months and they're still there. i can remember public housing in newark, and the next day it blew up. >> they didn't know anything about writing mortgages. that's why fannie and freddie went bankrupt r it's a great thing for people in over their heads to become rent remembers instead of home other thans but i would like them renting from private landl
the compassion of the united states legal system and the full power -- glenn: you can find that in the extremist muslim world. they find that to be weakness. >> weakness and laughable. keep in mind, this is, first of all, you and i have talked on your radio show before. this is about religion. it is about a struggle within islam. the longer that we continue to coddle islam and say, oh, this isn't about religion, it isn't about religion. glenn: wait. hang on. separate this. it is not about religion. christianity versus islam. it is about islam versus islam. >> there is an internal struggle within islam. the problem is that a moderate muslim doesn't feel confident to speak up because we're not there to back them up on it, and we get into political correctness. if you're a muslim in this country, you have minority status, which means we can't criticize you, but the rea.m. ti is -- the reality is the hard-core muslims here and abroad are the biggest group of sexists, racists and bigots on the planet. these are men -- an all-male club -- that want to live with rules made hundreds of years ago but the
, it was a great occasion to receive the president of the united states. on this day when we will be making history and making progress to the american people. >> it should be withdrawn and reworked. there are many reforms that enjoy bipartisan support, great improvements can be made without a government run health care system. >> gregg: give us an update? >> about an hour which is scheduled to be four hours of debate on the health care bill. >> republicans say what the democrats are republicans are proposing is a huge risk for an economy in crisis. for democrats it's a sense of history and republicans say they are in denial. health care reform could be as significant as social security and health care. >> it's going to cost 1.2 trillion dollars if you include the physician reimbursement fix. when fully implemented that two-thirds to three-fourths of every dollar spent on america is going to be spent by the federal government in some shape, for your. >> our plan was choice, bringing down costs and providing quality care. but the next went to the heart of the matter. she said, of course, she likes i
single one size fits all for 300 million people. that's not what the united states was about. that was the principle we fought the revolution against. if we want to know how this would work, look around us and see some of the cree aifts legislatures around the country r. andrew: thanks for joining us. >> thank you, judge. andrew: healthcare reform is e igniting the abortion debate. the house bill was saved by the stupak amendment, named by bart stupak, a provision that imposes tough restrictions on federal funding for abortion. now what will happen in the senate? here is michael cannon, director of health policy studies at the cato institute. michael, well welcome to the glenn beck program. >> thanks for having me. andrew: do you think that the restriction on the funding of abortion, which as it now stands in the house bill would prevent the federal government from actually paying for abortions or buying insurance policies for people that provide for abortion coverage? do you think that will stay in there, or do you think it was just a ruse to get pro life democrats to vote i
. and if george bush were president of the united states today and there was a republican governor of new jersey they'd be throwing them out and moving a democrat in. what's really significant is how daggett and hoffman up in new york 23, independent third party candidates, are getting enough support to affect the outcome or mess with or meddle with the two parties. i think both party incumbents should look out in 2010. it's a mistake to think either party's incumbents are safe. they're both in trouble. greta: is that right, karl? or is this a really bad message for the democrats in virginia and now in new jersey? >> i respectfully disagree with joe. when you go from having a 16,000-vote margin in a republican county four years ago to a 79,000-vote margin, that means a lot more turnout and the exit polls four years ago showed independents going for corzine. this year it shows them going significantly for chris christie, the republican. this is a deep blue state. john mccain got 42% of the vote, barack obama got 57% and tonight we are seeing christie winning with close to 50% of the vote. in a th
, this show, 3 million people. can you imagine if the president of the united states said, the person i talk to most on the issues on the economy and national offense is glenn beck at fox news! and i was the most frequent visitor of the white house and i had all of those visits. you can imagine that? no one would stand for it, nor should they. the president shouldn't be talking to anyone who leads a group who leads one million or two million or ten millions. he is here to lead the entire group. it used to be called, in my old-fashioned america, justice for all. the reason they continue to push for this when you are saying no, clearly, is because you're not the one they're actually listening to, unless you're wearing one of those purple shirts. i said this well over a year ago, maybe two years ago. the unions are in trouble. they desperately need government healthcare, because they have promised far too much. huge benefit packages, massive retirement pensions have the unions scrambling to unload the burden, and guess who the lucky e sip yent of that burden is -- lucky recipient of that burden
! >> i would like to introduce to you the next president of the united states, barack obama! >> thank you, cleveland! give it up for se i u! glenn: these are the people that claim they got the president elected. whose interest is the government acting on in this bill? we can't afford it. it doesn't cover everybody. special interests are being paid off. call it whatever you want. i call it bribes are being had in washington do get this passed t certainly doesn't seem like you are going to be helped by this. tonight, i want to give you a little more than just a beat-down on seiu or the healthcare. i would like to give you a plan of action, something you can do that would be positive if you happen to agree with me. some members of congress are on the fence including ben nelson, blanche lincoln, mary landrieu. call them, only if you live in their districts. call them, ask them, what is it that you have been promised, what is in it for you? remind them that you will be listening and watching, and if they come out for this, they really should have a good explanation, because if they lived in my
: if you go to you see a map of the united states. if you click on any state, it owns up that state and literally thousands of programs, either a grant or a loan or another program. >> it's a give jaw wairks eric. eric: but here's the question, where are all the jobs? jobs aren't being created? where is 15.7 million people oust work? >> they are cannibalizing small businesses in an effort to put in construction jobs out on building bridges and building roads. unless they're creating small business opportunities in small towns, these are crofts that will go away. therein lies the biggest challenge. eric: i couldn't read this at the government of guam is going to get $88 million award. guess how many jobs it createed? >> >> how many? >> zero. >> an investment doesn't drive revenue tmplet puts somebody to work for a season. if you really look at the total amount overemployed or underemployed, we're not even providing long-term opportunities for people to be employed. eric: we are up 203 points in the stock market. how is that? >> we're investing between now and
of the united states, and defend all enemies foreign and domestic? hello! eric: senator lieberman said that he would open an investigation as to what really happened. can we expect any sort of change going forward? >> well, i think it's going to take a lot of outside pressure, outrage from americans, of all creeds and colors and religions who cannot tolerate any more of this pre-9/11 attitude of putting diversity over eric: glenn is still home referring. people in new york wanted to send him a message. >> we love what you have to say. thank god for people like you that tell the truth. >> get wellson soon. >> get well soon. >> get better soon, because i want to hear your lloyd voice every night on the news. >> god bless him and god bless america. >> he is a national treasure! eric: for more commentary on the day's news, sign up for glenn's free daily e-mails newsletter at and set your tivos to watch this show all week. thanks for sticking around, and glenn, get better soon, buddy. see you soon, america, from new york, good night.
and white evil medicine. that's good. as long as it looks cool. maybe the president of the united states will know, because he told us back in january that things are so, so bad that we have to act right now ontsd stimulus or -- >> our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that at some point we may not be able to reverse. glenn: oh, that sounds bad! they assured us, because we're not going to be able to reverse it if we don't act now, but if we act now -- it sounds like the sham wow guy -- if you act now and pass the stimulus package, unemployment will never go below 8%. act now! call! we bought into that when we got the package. all right. this is made out of cartd board. we bought into it for $787 billion that stimulus idea, and woo, it is slightly -- i think 10 is a bigger number than 8. here we are 10.2% unemployment. they warned us of bad times. they promised they could make our boo-boo all better and we listened and it didn't get any better. instead of the truth, we get this. >> nobody understood what the depths of this recession were going to look like. >> i know i keep coming bac
'm quoting here for the rag heads who might attack the military here in the united states. this was apparently said to a recent contravert. >> he made those comments and he stuck strongly to his faith. but, you know, as soldiers, you know, we have a duty to, you know, follow orders from our commander and chief. and, you know, political views are set aside. but he was -- after the shooting in little rock, he was -- i don't know, almost outstandingly upset about how this man was treated in little rock. maybe we should have more of these that should strap bombs on themselves and go into "times" square. that was from a third source, so i can't confirm that. >> is now you say that hasan himself -- we are on the line with retired colonel terry lee who worked with the man on the right-hand side of your screen at fort hood. the man on the right-hand side of the screen is the one secretary of defense to have shot and held and 31 injured. you have told our staff that hasan seemed to belief -- had feelings about president obama and his election. could you tell us with about that? >>
the president of the united states for encore dine. our molly line asked the governor about the unprecedented assist from the white house. >> just one quick question. the president here for a third time. unprecedented visits. do you think in the final days there is a sense of concern on the white house and the national implications of the race. >> this is not a last minute decision. this was part of a plan to work together. we have been partners on turning our economy around and investing in jobs, saying jobs. >> i think it is good for the president, if we win at the end of the day the most important issues that people will consider when they go to the booth are things here in new jersey. f it fires up my base and democrats and people interested in keeping the momentum that president obama has laid down on turning our nation around from the disasterrous eight years of the bush administration, trickle down economics that failed, cost americans seven and a quarter million jobs, i if it fires upe base i think it is great. >> geraldo: corzine's challenge letter tried to minimize the president gra
to redistribute the wealth. wow, another big government marxist around the president of the united states, and this one is from the union, and the union that's kind of the sister organization of acorn. oh, my gosh! that's fantastic! it's a big old party at the white house. they should get gloria estefan there, and here is the good news. at least seiu are not thugs. they're not mobster knee-breaking tactics being employed by seiu, right? >> we're trying to use the power of persuasion, and if that doesn't work, we will use the persuasion of power. there are governments an opportunities to change laws that affect these companies. >> we took names. we watched how they voted. we know where they live. glenn: hey, wait a minute. i'm thinking about my purple tie and seiu and what he was saying hey, we know where they live. wasn't it seiu -- you know what, it was? wasn't it an seiu guy that were beating up the two tea party people in missouri? yeah, it was seiu. we should check on that to see how that has turned out, to see if there is any thugery going on. lucky for you. unlucky for the white hou
of insurance with an ob-gyn -- does anybody practice outside the united states. in your opinion poland, right? patty anne is running over with the microphone. you practiced medicine over poland or lived there? >> i did, i did here and repeated it. >> glenn: how was the polish medicine? >> it's awful. something remote that happens here. american people won't put up with it. >> glenn: give me an idea of what it was? >> by your contrast and red tape. they spend half of their time fighting red tape. it's sad to see. some people playing god with patient's life. >> glenn: is there anybody here, how many of you are tired of the paperwork with the insurance companies? okay. good. now how many think that government will make that better? what gives you the idea -- you are the only med student to think that. what gives that you idea? >> it couldn't be any worse. [ laughter ] >> why do you say that? >> anything that the government gets its hooks in to backs by your extras filled with justification. >> is it harder to deal with medicaid? >> hundred verse was devoted to patient care. every single doctor w
it, oh, you know, they sate there wra anti-free market people sorted with the president of the united states are marxists, yeah, yeah, that was crazy, huh? when you saw the president go nearly 2 full minutes before mentioning fort hood and then giving a shoutout before get together point, your gut alarm bells went off, something is wrong, and what other president in history has ever started his remarks out dealing with a national tragedy of death and terror for a shoutout for anything other than what happened? the appropriate expression of sympathy for and solidarity with the victims and the families an wrapping up the remarks by expressing, oh, i don't know, this will never happen again, and i'm going to do everything to get to the bottom to make sure. you can imagine f.d.r., the patron saint of the progressives meandering around babbling about anything but pearl harbor on december 8, 1941. mr. vice president, mr. speaker, members of the house of rep sen you tiffs, first, i want to say a big fat howdy to my buddy bob hope! i watch his movies all the time and he dresses up like a woma
the devil even in the united states, and it is all viewed as greed rather than recognizing the national economic forces and which ways people behave. glenn: we would have recognized the problems if we had let the past companies fail and let them feel the repercussions of their actions. >> a commentator said if bear stearns had been allowed to fail, liamman never would have because they would have stepped up and fixed it. if california is not allowed to recognize some failure, even though the issue of losing california with the size of its economy, if it is not able to recognize, that who is going to tell them not to consume anymore. glenn: eminent domain. we talked about this last wednesday before we went for the holiday. it comes back. it is running rampant and acorn to the rescue. not so much. >> police dogs are combing the seattle neighborhood where a s.w.a.t. team storm add house today in the manhunt for an alleged cop killer. suspect maurice clemmons was not at the home and is still at large. he faces murder warrants in the shooting deaths of four cops at a golf shop. today tiger w
to the united states and workers of the world. he is working on adding millions of members to his union rolls, abroad, not here. he could care less where they come from, how they got here to america, what the motives are, what the goals are or how it helps or hurts america. workers of the word world unite. andy stern is in this for andy stern. i want you to take a second to think about this logically, will you? what was the problem with g.m.? was it the product? i don't think so. i used to own all g.m. cars. they're great cars, great cars. the problem was is really bad management that had also coupled with really bad labor union agreements. they couldn't afford to make a car here in america. you know this to be true. why? because our union, our labor was so expensive. we were paying hundreds of thousands of people at g.m. who didn't even work for g.m. it got to the point where it was so expensive to build cars here in america they couldn't make it work anymore. they still can't, so what did they do? they began to outsource their jobs. yes, but we're the great thinkers, we will just be the man
in january that we had a united states congressman, paul kanjo. ski say america was three hours away from a complete economic and political collapse that would bring about martial law? i don't know if he was right on that one, but is it possible that it could happen^ ? let me ask you this, do you remember what it felt -- chose your eyes for a second. do you remember what it felt like on september 11? do you remember how fragile this country felt, and we all thought, oh, my gosh, it could be over tomorrow? are you honestly telling me that you believe that this country is in better shape financially now than we with on september 19th, 2001? if you do, you're living in fan tass fantasy land. i expect tattoo to say da plane, da plane. it can fail easily. the strongest can fail. coming up, i'll, explain why it's time to building an ark. the rain is coming. don't go away. >> tiger woods is out of the hospital after crashing his s.u.v. early this morning. officials say the world's number one golfer was driving just outside his mansion near or hahn orlando -- orlando, florida when he hit a fire h
a very good regulatory system in the united states or we used to called profit and loss. if you fail, you should die. if you are profitable, you should live. if we do that, we do not have these problems. i would add that the banks wouldn't get so large. they would impose systemic risk. let the markets work and we won't have this. >> we haven't even begun. wait until we get stimulus 2 and everything else. wait until friday when the job numbers come out. you're going to hear about a lot of new programs. it's a joke. >> john, you're in washington, peter orszag in washington said we're going to save all this money and cut the deficit in half. i can hear them laughing all the way up here in new york. >> i'm laughing too. stop talking about deficits and talk about the level of spending that. is the true tax onto american people. i would love to have deficits and lower federal spending aer this than a balanced budget at $2 trillion muss of spending. we need to spend less so the private industry has more to invest and create real jobs with. >> varney, the last word. >> we are borrowing like crazy
: let me show you this seiu clip real quick. >> your agenda has been my agenda in the united states senate before debating healthcare. i have talked to andy stern and seiu members, and before immigration debates are place ed in washington, i talk with seiu members and before before -- glenn: stop, stop. let me ask you this -- you have seiu, is acorn, seiu, same office space, which is this, this is the party and & the republican that just got out that was endorsed by the working family, they're all working with seiu, correct? >> yeah. seiu is separate, but they're together. glenn: they're in the same building. >> many times. >> acorn members are also two seiu local heads. glenn: one of these is causing problems now in new jersey, because it looks like we're playing a little game now, because of what corzine did with the voting. you no longer have to -- >> there is no excused absentee voting. you can vote absentee and mail it in, and the number of absentee voters has exploded. there are more absentee votes cast in new jersey in the presidential year when you normally have a hire turno
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)